Hey! Day 5 yall! It has been a pretty boring week but today was interesting. I didn't wake up until 9:00. After that, I ate breakfast and did my chores. Then I went outside and walked with the neighbors. Then we went and stood at the front of the neighborhood. they bring the school bus and deliver lunches. We don't...

Hi! so today was fun. First I woke up and ate breakfast. Then I did my chores and went on a walk with the neighbors. Next we went into town and got chick-fil-a for lunch and sonic for a snack. (We got mozzarella sticks)

Hi!! It's day 3. Today is really a lazy day nothing much happened except for painting a toy snake with the neighbors. Also walking with them to the end of the street. So that's all that happens really sorry it was so short.

Hello!!!! It has been so crazy lately. With the Corona Virus, I thought I would do a daily post since I will be home.

Oh hey Mondays


Oh Hey it's Monday!! What is up everybody. For me it has been really layed back lately. So I will tell you about what is going on this week. Tomorrow I am going to school and then I have Jr. Company (that is my theater group) with Mykinzie. On Wednesday I have school and that is it. On Thursday I...



Christmas is so much fun. This year it has been tough though. Reagan my little sister had her tonsils removed. The next day I had my foot surgery. A couple days later while I was at my theater event Reagan coughed up her blood clot. Her throat stared bleeding so we took her to the hospital. She is OK now...



So guys what's up. For me it has been crazy for us. So crazy. We had our first performance and it was pretty good. We got our commuters taken up today! I mean not a lot but super crazy.